Chart Your Course: The Life Compass Exercise

Tired of the same old, same old? 

Feeling like your life's on autopilot, hurtling towards a destination you never signed up for? 

Welcome to the club. Most of us are there at some point.

But you don't have to stay stuck. You can take control, ditch the pre-determined script, and design a life that truly resonates with you. This is where the Life Compass Exercise comes in.

I use this tool as a monthly check-in for myself. Other entrepreneurs from my “inner circle” do the same.

This simple, yet powerful tool can help you gain clarity on what truly matters and chart a course towards a life that feels more like, well, your life.

It's designed to be action-oriented and requires only 20 minutes of your time. But it’s time well spent.

Here's how the Life Compass Exercise can benefit you:

  • Identify areas of your life that require attention.

  • Uncover your deepest desires and aspirations.

  • Craft concrete steps to enhance your well-being in each area.

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Step 1: From Aspiration to Action

Imagine your life as a wheel divided into sections representing key areas like health, relationships, career, and personal growth.

Instead of chasing an unattainable ideal, ask yourself: On a scale of 1 (highly unsatisfied) to 10 (couldn't be better), how satisfied am I with each area?

Be honest. Be brutal. This ain't about fitting into someone else's mold. It’s your life!

At the end of step 1, you will end up with your “Wheel of Life”.

Step 2: Stop Wishing, Start Wanting

We all have vague desires. "I want to be happy." "I want to be successful." Great. But what does that really mean for you? 

In each area, identify what you want more of and less of. Specificity is your friend here. Ditch the generic and get granular.


  • More of: Increased energy levels, more quality time with loved ones, greater confidence in myself, regular physical activity.

  • Less of: Unhealthy processed foods, excessive screen time, negative self-talk, neglecting my hobbies.

Focusing on “more” and “less” makes progress more achievable than overwhelming goals.

Step 3: Small Steps, Big Wins

Now comes the action phase! Forget about overnight transformations. Instead, identify tiny, achievable steps you can take in each area to move you closer to your desired state.

Do you want to read more? Start with 10 pages a day. Feeling exhausted? Schedule a guilt-free afternoon nap to recharge. 

Remember, progress over perfection. Celebrate every win, no matter how small. Also, this isn't rocket science; it's a simple exercise to see more clearly and take ownership of your life. It isn’t worth anything, without taking action. The impact depends on you.

Ready to begin? Download the free template below. You can do it on your computer or - if you prefer - on paper.

Download the free Life Compass Exercise

It's your life. Chart your course.


Be kind,


P.S. Want to share your experience with the Life Compass Exercise? Have any suggestions for improvement? Send me your thoughts!

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