Selecting 100 AI, IoT & AR/VR startups to exhibit at RIOT

RIOT will cover a dense agenda with top-class speakers and in-depth masterclasses. However, at its core we will have an awesome lineup of 100 handpicked startups that will be part of our SPARK program.

Now you probably think: Great yet another program?! We get it. You receive a lot of invitations to pitch or showcase your solution. Some of them dubious. Some legit. All will consume direct or indirect (e.g. travel) money and most importantly time. So why should you even spend the time applying for this program?

With Pirate Summit we have a track record of a no-bullshit and authentic approach to conferences. We won’t waste your time. No hidden costs. Instead we’ll work our asses off to bring value to everyone coming to our events. That’s our promise to you and what we do since seven years. We still organize Pirate Summit because we are passionate about entrepreneurship, startups and events. It is the same with RIOT.

So here is what you will get (once you are accepted):

  • Two festival tickets
  • Kiosk to exhibit your product in our Expo-Area
  • Access to the investor hours (1 on 1 with investors)
  • A chance to demo your product live on stage (space is limited)
  • You will be featured on our website and communication channels and will receive great exposure with investors and relevant corporates

Startups with the following characteristics can apply for the program:

  • IoT, AI or AR/VR product (we will categorize it in areas like data security, connected logistics & travel, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, smart cities, industrial IoT, smart home or wearables & health, but don’t worry about that)
  • Not older than 3 years
  • At least a working prototype
  • Funding ready

You’ll get all this for just 299€ (instead of 999€). Also, we offer the whole package completely for free to 30 startups from outside of Germany.

You can apply using this link. If this isn’t for you but you know of any startups for which this might be a great fit I’d appreciate if you could forward this post.

Looking forward to seeing you at RIOT in June.