1. Show your inner pirate! – How to dress and talk | ARRR.co
    4. August 2014 @ 10:01

    […] a few weeks pirates from all over Europe will gather at our beloved Pirate Summit. People sharing the pirate spirit will be everywhere. The Pirate Summit is, however, also the time of the year to not only feel but […]


  2. Hey, have you met Stavros? | ARRR.co
    23. September 2014 @ 11:13

    […] I must admit, the Pirate Summit has some crazy hackers showing up, engineer hackers as well as business hackers, growth hackers, marketing hackers – all embracing the pirate way of life, taking risks being smart, being agile. Always seeking to win. Taking losses on the chin but standing up immediately after taking the lesson and going at it again. Never, ever, ever giving up – I think that makes you a pirate. […]


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